By using SITS at your hospital, you can allow us to complement and enhance your diagnostic department, and for those that require a full time 24/7 solution, SITS can handle all your radiology needs. SITS has a proven track record and history - when we begin a partner relationship with a client hospital we are partners for years to come. SITS can lessen the time you and your staff have to spend on sourcing and interviewing new radiologists, along with the cost associated with the process. We put your mind at ease, knowing that you can depend on us.

SITS will continuously liaise with your DI manager to ensure your hospital is completely satisfied with our services. We provide a schedule before each month that communicates which radiologists are working specific shifts and also provides all necessary contact numbers for any emergencies that may arise.

Our system is backed up with 24 hour IT support should any special situation arise.

Your hospital will be assigned a dedicated radiology group that will include a lead radiologist who is the primary point of contact between doctors.

Our expert radiologists are all currently working in hospitals and clinics and have earned their reputations. We will organize and supply, in one package, all the credentialing documentation that your hospital requires to ensure we are meeting your standards.