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About Us

  • SITRADS is the first group which moving to countries to train radiologists and offer interventional radiology treatment for patients( please see our procedures page).
  • SITRADS offers you a short training observership in Europe or USA.
  • Exceptionally high-quality Radiologists trained at top European Universities,  We ensure that your patients get nothing but the best with respect to radiology reporting.
  • We provide you with “State-of-art Teleradiology Services” that meets all your imaging interpretation requirements in an Emergency Department (ED) and after-hours setting,  Our radiologists are available and can connect immediately with the referring physician over a call to discuss critical findings.
  • Strong technology teleradiology workflow platform to support the Best RIS-PACS with flexibility and responsiveness to your individual needs.


advanced labs

Maintain the highest standards for laboratories .

Use technology

Use of technology in laboratories and radiology .

Experts doctors

We have experienced doctors in the field of Radiology .

Follow the patient

We follow the patient until Healing .

SITRADS and Your Community

About Us
SITS understands that your community expects the best health care possible from their hospital. We believe the SITS solution allows you to offer prompt, decisive health care using the best tools at your disposal. We want to help be a part of your overall health care plan. All our radiologists are licensed in your area; they share the same belief and expectations in our health care system.

Know More

It's no secret that that the demand for radiologists is increasing at a faster pace than the workforce is growing. Many hospitals, particularly ones located outside big urban centers, are searching for radiologists on a continuous basis. Administrative staff devote a lot of time to finding radiologists to work at their hospital and/or organizing and staffing on a locum basis. Locum's can cost a hospital money, time and precious resources, while not completely solving the situation. Additionally, many hospitals reduce their diagnostic department services during off-peak times, leaving a void for the emergency department in terms of patient turnaround time and inadequate tools at their disposal to make diagnosis in a timely manner resulting in a shortfall in service to the community. Teleradiology allows emergency departments to function efficiently during the weekdays, overnight, and weekends.
Teleradiology Solutions is a health care company that uses technology for varied purposes from e-teaching to teleradiology to telemedicine, making it a company with a difference. Through its teaching website it provides a valuable online teaching resource to radiologists globally which optimizes the efficiency and productivity of radiologists by delivering images anywhere anytime.
SITRADS has diagnostic radiologists group and also a group of radiologists who are specializied in interventional radiology moving to countries to treatment of patients in Situ and offers a training for local radiologists and paramedical staff.
Whether you need full-time, on-site radiology support supplemented by 24/7 teleradiology services, or subspecialty reads only, we will provide a solution that maximizes your performance and capabilities . Contact us for more information.
Patient care is at the core of what we do as a teleradiology service provider. We continually improve processes and workflows to enable our radiologists to provide the best patient care possible. You can be confident that our teleradiology services will meet the needs of your radiology group and the Emergency Department staff at your hospital. SITS radiologists are available to provide preliminary or final reports 24/7/365.

Many  organisations use our teleradiology reporting services


All data kept within secured cloud, with no transcription staff or complex and unreliable anonymisation processes involved

Clinically Driven

Direct RIS access for every report ensures that the full wider patient information is available and reviewed every time, not just a cut down summary


Telephone access to the reporting radiologist and support team for any queries, both in and out of hours via one single number


Our bespoke web platform, InSight, gives our clients real time access to the status of cases subject to audit or discrepancy queries. All reporting radiologists remain under the authority of European and local law

On-site radiology support: The complete solution

SITRADS meets your needs for radiology, operational and medical care development.
our Software developers are moving to your hospital for support you.

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Quality Teleradiology Services

SITRADS’ extensive Quality Assurance program provides multiple layers of safeguards to ensure quality control is embedded in every aspect of our operations. With third party reviewers, spot-checking, and administrative oversight, quality assurance remains a cornerstone of SITRADS service.